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We have three new international retailers to tell you about! Dilly Dally Kids is an adorable toy store in Vancouver that is now stocking some of our favorite onesies. Check out their cute shop below. Ella Eco in Sydney is pretty much stocking our entire line including tea towels, pillow covers, totes, cards, onesies, and more. And Orphan Socks, a beautiful, new online retailer in the Netherlands, now has a sizeable stash of our greeting cards. Thanks Claire, Elinor, and Eva! Visit their website or check our Retailers Tab for more information.

Dilly Dally KidsDilly Dally KidsDilly Dally KidsDilly Dally Kids(images from Dilly Dally Kids)


Dot said...

How exciting to see these international retailers and their cute displays! Can't wait to tell my friends to visit these shops!

Pawling Print Studio said...

Thank you! We love our retailers too =)

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