We've added a destash section to our Etsy shop. All of the items are new and unused. Some items are materials from products we tested out but decided not to carry, while others are simply supplies from discontinued items. For most listings, larger quantities are available so just let us know if you like a different amount and we will set up a custom listing for you. The floursack towels are already sold out, but stay tuned for new items in the near future.

Pawling - Destash Blue A6 EnvelopesPawling - Destash Merch BagPawling - Destash Red A6 EnvelopesPawling - Destash Floursack Towel


Tamara said...

that's a great idea. oh and those lovely veggie totes are on clearance too? i may have to save up my pennies for those.

Pawling Print Studio said...

yes! we're focusing on our geometric lines for now =)

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