creative calendar collection

We recently received a copy of Creative Calendar Collection created by Basheer Graphic Books out of Singapore. We're thrilled to see our very first calendar next to the work of so many of our favorite designers and we're excited to be a part of a publication out of Singapore where we grew up! Many thanks to Euphemia Toong for finding us and for her wonderful communication. Below are a few shots of the book, including ours and a couple stunning designs that we hadn't seen before. I'm not sure if this edition is still available for purchase, but it looks like you can find the current one here.

creative calendar collection - jung von mattJung Von Matt Acupuncture Calendar for a Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine

creative calendar collection - pawling print studio2010 Calendar by Pawling Print Studio

creative calendar collection - mono grammpromotional calendar by mono.gramm


dessert girl said...

I love the acupuncture calendar. I wish it was available on their site!

Pawling Print Studio said...

i know, right!? so beautiful!

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