new items and new photos!

Our new and improved linen tea towels and pillow covers are finally in the shop! Plus, the long-promised new tote designs have finally made their way there as well. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Pawling Print Studio - Tea TowelsPawling Print Studio - Pillow CoversWe're very excited about the new pillow covers. In addition to more streamlined edges, they now feature an invisible zipper along the bottom seam. We liked the simplicity of the envelope closure which we were using before, but the inserts were just too difficult to shove in! We're also pretty proud of our new tags. They're tucked in the back seam of the tea towels, and you can see one on the bottom right of the pillow cover above.

Pawling Print Studio - TotesOh yeah, and the new tote designs that we've been talking about for months ... for some reason, we just could not photograph them. First we tried in vain to match our old photographs. Then we tried and failed to take all new product shots. But the lighting wasn't right or the staging wasn't right and we were completely frustrated. We set them aside hoping the frustration wouldn't rub off on the rest of our design process. And then, poof! The perfect day came out of nowhere and we shot three product lines in a matter of hours. This day will obviously never happen again.

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