jeanne opgenhaffen

Jeanne Opgenhaffen - How the Wind Blows (detail)Jeanne Opgenhaffen - How the Wind BlowsHow the Wind Blows by Jeanne Opgenhaffen

"Living and working in Belgium, Jeanne Opgenhaffen is internationally recognised for her work with coloured porcelain. Her large murals are constructed from thousands of tiles, which are overlapped in varying shades and tones. Over the years her work has developed from the figurative to the abstract. The earth's layers are recreated in subtle colour changes. Opgenhaffen's influences are the landscape and rock strata. When you look at her work, it has a movement about it - like a breeze blowing across a field changing the colour of the vegetation. She has an affinity for stones, geology and the earth." - Rufford, 2004

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Tamara said...

beautiful! this reminds me of nils volker's "one hundred and eight" -- both are quite interesting installation pieces.

Pawling Print Studio said...

whoa! just looked that up and it's just amazing. the way he captures breath with old used plastic bags. wow. thanks for the tip! how did i miss it before!?

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