numi thorvarsson

Numi Thorvarsson - eyðibýliEyðibýli 13, Iceland by Numi Thorvarsson. See more of his beautifully captured abandoned buildings here.

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itay laniado

Itay Laniado - Garden toolsGarden tools by Itay Laniado (photo by Oded Antman)

left to right: Sickle, Machete, Scythe, Spade, Shovel, Bow Saw

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georges rousse

One of my favorite pieces from French photographer, painter, and sculptor Georges Rousse:

Georges RousseSpatial Constructions by Georges Rousse

"Constructions are organized entirely around a partition: a continuity/discontinuity between painted space and real space, a remotely geometrical expanse in which colour plays the abstraction game fully." Michéle Moutashar, "L'esprit des lieux," in Georges Rousse Arles, Editions Actes Sud, 2006. (more)

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cristiana couceiro

Cristiana Couceiro - that hesitation when dawn trembles and night pausesThat hesitation when dawn trembles and night pauses by Cristiana Couceiro

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pablo gironés for gandia blasco

Pablo Gironés for Gandia Blasco - Trokk Gold and Grey Rugleft: Trokk Grey Rug, right: Trokk Gold Rug 100% new wool by Pablo Gironés for Gandia Blasco

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art hound

Kate Singleton of Art Hound - Apartment Therapy house tourCheck out our newest interview with Kate Singleton over at Art Hound! Her blog is one of our favorites for discovering new artists. She also offers personalized Art Matching services for every lifestyle and budget - a great gift idea, if you ask us. We swiped the picture of Kate's living room (above) from Apartment Therapy, where you should go to see the rest of her and husband Cameron's sweet apartment.


Just in time for the holidays, our calendars, notebooks, and greeting cards can now be found at Life:Curated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Life:Curated BrooklynLife:Curated recently opened its doors in September and specializes in homegoods, furniture, and hard to find men's and women's fashions that have been hand selected by owners Sarah Meyer and Ryan Thomann. You can read more about them over at Racked and at Refinery 29. Check out their blog or stop by in person.

bon appetit

Our Asparagus Tote was featured in Bon Appetit's Holiday Gift Guide 2010 next to some very drool worthy bags. Thanks to Julia Bainbridge for including us! Here are her suggestions For the Market Goer:
Bon Appetit, Holiday Gift Guide 2010, market bags$$$ (left): TUMI Shopper Tote Leather, $375, $$ (center): JW Hulme Large Classic Tote, $135, $ (right): Pawling Print Studio Asparagus Tote, $20

Check out the rest of the gift guide here. We found more than a few things to add to our wishlist =)


Grace Bonney has been a huge inspiration to us. For years, we both admired the independent artists and designers featured on Design*Sponge with more than just a tinge of jealously. And when we finally decided to start our own studio, we continually turned to and bookmarked just about every Biz Ladies post available. It's safe to say that we couldn't be more thrilled to have been featured on Grace's blog last week!

Design*SpongeThank you, thank you, thank you, Grace!!

washington life magazine

We've been so busy preparing for the holidays that we've gotten behind with our updates. Last month we were invited to be in a fashion editorial for Washington Life Magazine's annual creative issue. We were nervous and excited having never done something like this before, but everyone was great and we had a blast. A huge thanks to Alison McLaughlin for the invitation. Here's the final shot from Artists Abound at Arena, November 2010, p.59!

Washington Life Magazine, November 2010, Artists Abound at ArenaThe photo shoot was at Arena Stage before the official grand re-opening. We got to poke around in the dressing rooms and lobby before it was open to the public and we met Molly Smith, the Artistic Director for Arena at our actual shoot. That mask in the picture is just one from her awesome collection and you can't tell from the photo, but she also has some seriously sassy glasses. Douglas Sonders was the photographer and has to have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Check out his blog to follow all of his exploits. There were a few errors in our credits above, so bonus points to anyone who can guess what they are! (Hint: they're now updated in the online version.)

Update: Check out our interview with Washington Life on their blog here!


New items from Melbourne, Australia based brand Elk:
Elk - cicada clutch and crushed linen scarfleft: cicada clutch in light mushroom, right: crushed linen scarf in grey

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leeton architects

Leeton Architects - Yarra House, Melbourne, photo by Peter BennettsYarra House, Melbourne, Australia by Susi Leeton Architects / Leeton Pointon Architects (photo by Peter Bennetts)

"A carefully considered response to a very steep site with understated ‘mute’, gently sloping, roughly rendered walls and a curved concrete roof. Celebrating modern Australian family life, a generosity of space without ostentation that is practical and serviceable." (more)

frank thiel

Love the texture and color in these photographs of peeling paint by Frank Thiel:

Frank Thiel - Stadt (peeling paint photos)Stadt 12/76 (Berlin), 2006

Frank Thiel - Stadt (peeling paint photos)Stadt 12/37 (Berlin), 2005

Frank Thiel - Stadt (peeling paint photos)Stadt 12/55 (Berlin), 2006

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kevin kunstadt

We're really enjoying this epic photography by Kevin Kunstadt:

Kevin Kunstadt - The DolomitesThe Dolomites, Italy

Kevin Kunstadt - holocaust museum daniel libeskindHolocaust Museum (Daniel Libeskind)

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paula valentim

Paula Valentim - cowrieCowrie, pasta inspired glazed porcelain vessels by Paula Valentim (available for purchase here)

seesaw designs

Seesaw Designs - 2011 Letterpress CalendarGorgeous 2011 Letterpress Calendar by Seesaw Designs

johanna dehio

Johanna Dehio - Kleiderstiele clothing sticksKleiderstiele by Johanna Dehio

"'Kleiderstiele,' or clothing-sticks, is a boiled-down coat rack—a broomstick to hold garments." (more)

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bodo sperlein

Bodo Sperlein - lladro equus set and white sculptural pinch bowls left: Lladro Equus Set, right: White Sculptural Pinch Bowls by Bodo Sperlein

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sweet fine day

Growing up in a former British colony using the metric system makes us somewhat incompetent when it comes to kitchen conversions. One of these would be super helpful ... and nice to look at =)

Sweet Fine Day Jenna Park - Kitchen Conversions PosterKitchen Conversions Poster by Jenna Park of Sweet Fine Day (and Whimsy & Spice!)

Update: This design is now available in a floursack tea towel!

eeva jokinen

Eeva Jokinen - small modern rice grain porcelain cupsSmall modern rice grain cups by Eeva Jokinen

"In my work the fragility of porcelain is present at the decoration, in the dialoque between light and shadow, hole and substance. ... Instead of strict form I seek emotion. To me the light that filters through the glaze awakens the feeling of inner peace and the calmness one can return to time and again." (more)

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spencer finch

Spencer Finch - Moon DustMoon Dust (Apollo 17), 2009 by Spencer Finch

"This hanging light piece represents precisely the chemical composition of moon dust, that was analyzed on the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Each light bulb stands for a different atom, the smallest ones represent Oxygen and the large bulbs standing for heavier atoms such as Iron and Chromium." (more)

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alvaro sanchez-montanes

Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes - Desert IndoorsDesert Indoors series by photographer Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes

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tattoo - may god have mercy on our dirty little heartsDoes anyone know who this is or who the artist is?

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cards cards cards ...

and more cards! Our new and improved animal and vegetable cards have been added to the shop. They're larger (A6 instead of 4x6), folded (instead of flat) greeting cards, and made of the same heavy duty recycled paper as our geometric cards. They're available as mixed 6-packs as well as individual cards. Now you can get a coordinating card for all of our items!

PAWLING | print studio - Long Necked Animal Cards6 CARDS | long necked animals (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Dinosaur Cards6 CARDS | dinosaurs (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Long Nosed Animal Cards6 CARDS | long nosed animals (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Vegetable Cards6 CARDS | vegetables (single card)