amanda wachob

I can't remember where I saw these first, but they get me every time.  Beautiful painted tattoos by Amanda Wachob at Dare Devil Tattoo in New York City:

Amanda Wachob - painted abstract tattoosleft: abstract neck, right: abstract head

mud australia

Fantastic color options in this porcelain collection from Mud Australia, available at Gretel Home:

Mud Australia at Gretel HomeSlate Fish Platter, White Serving Bowl, Ash Serving Bowl

Mud Australia at Gretel Homeleft: Ash Serving Bowl, right: Neutral Three Piece Place Setting

ellen truijen

It's safe to say I officially have a new bag obsession - Ellen Truijen:

Ellen Truijen - leather handbagsleft: Little Tom, right: Saddle Basic L

Ellen Truijenleft: Mr. T, right: Pac Your Presentation

(via jennifer k thornton)

david stephenson

I can't stop looking a these photos from David Stephenson's book Heavenly Vaults: From Romanesque to Gothic in European Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009). Structure is beautiful, people!

David Stephenson - Heavenly Vaults - Choir, King's College ChapelChoir, King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England, begun 1448, vault 1508-15

David Stephenson - Heavenly Vaults - Nave, FrauenkircheNave, Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany, 1468-94

"Stephenson presents more than eighty Romanesque and Gothic vaults in kaleidoscopic photographs that reveal their complex geometrical structures, decorative detailing, and ornamental painting in ways they have never before been seen." (more)

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antony gormley

Some pins by Sha Hwang a few weeks ago reminded me how much I love Antony Gormley's work.

Antony Gormley - Domain Field 2003DOMAIN FIELD, 2003 BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK (photo by Jerry Hardman-Jones)

Antony Gormley - Clearing V 2009CLEARING V, 2009 Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria (photo by Markus Tretter)

Antony Gormley - Inside Australia 2003INSIDE AUSTRALIA, 2003 Permanent installation Lake Ballard, Mensies, Western Australia (photo by Ashley de Prazer)

Antony Gormley - Lost Horizon 2008LOST HORIZON I, 2008 White Cube Mason's Yard, London, England (photo by Stephen White)

"In a career spanning nearly 40 years, Antony Gormley has made sculpture that explores the relation of the human body to space at large, explicitly in large-scale installations like ANOTHER PLACE, DOMAIN FIELD, and INSIDE AUSTRALIA and implicitly in works such as CLEARING, BREATHING ROOM, and BLIND LIGHT, where the work becomes a frame through which the viewer becomes the viewed. By using his own existence as a test ground, Gormley's work transforms a site of subjective experience into one of collective projection." (more)

(via Sha Hwang aka postarchitectural)

souled objects

We discovered Souled Objects when founder Dana Barnes' loft was featured in the New York Times article "Oversize Felt Rugs, Born in a SoHo Loft" (May 12, 2010). Her over-sized, sculptural textiles won the editor's award for textiles at the 2010 ICFF in May.

souled objects by dana barnes designsouled objects by dana barnes designsouled objects by dana barnes design"Souled Objects is a realization of Dana's vision to warm and humanize modern environments with innovative handmade pieces that not only expand the boundary of textile use in interiors, but also commemorate the longstanding tradition of craft." (more)

(via nytimes)

the nought collective

It's hard to go wrong with maps and textiles, but these carpets from thenoughtcollective's Where are We Going? collection are particularly fantastic. The area rugs are handcrafted in Nepal and India using traditional methods and are GoodWeave certified. (GoodWeave works to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.) Master artisans use only indigenous wool, silk, cashmere, and mohair in four colors - chalk, graphite, ash, and charcoal.

the nought collective - where are we going? beijingBeijing, graphite in wool, silk, and cashmere

the nought collective - where are we going? bagdhadBagdhad, chalk in wool, silk, and cashmere

"Inspired by the great cities of the past, present, and future, Where are We Going? explores the geometry created by peoples and cultures as they gather, organize and connect to each other and the natural environment." (more)

(via FormFire Glassworks via HDInspirations)


Okay, I'm officially ready for fall now, thanks to the much-anticipated launch of the Emersonmade clothing line today. I love this navy star fabric in all forms and the classic leather belts:

emersonmade - navy dress tunic leather beltleft: Navy Star Dress, right: Navy Star Tunic / Leather and Brass Post Belt / 1960's Tweed Jacket

japanese stationery

When we lived in Singapore, we would spend hours in the stationery section of Kinokuniya, Takashimaya, Isetan, and even the little corner store. We still love stationery stores, but how long can you really spend in a Staples? Needless to say, it's been a while since we've done any real ogling and it's time to play catch up:

Japanese paper clips + OHTO Powerclipper
left: Japanese paper clips, right: Powerclipper by OHTO (for butterfly clips w/o the wings)

Kum - PenCut
PenCut pen-style scissors by Kum (shouldn't everything be shaped like a pen?)

Supermodule - Stay Warm Gene
left: Slendy + Super eraser by Seed, right: Mono Zero Eraser by Tombow

Supermodule - Stay Warm Gene
left: Locus 3-way multi pen by Metaphys, right: Rin index film by Metaphys (IRL pics here)


Yes, I would like some letterpressed, textile-patterned stationery in awesome colorways. Supermodule is a line of modern printed objects by San Francisco-based graphic designer, David Riofrio. Check out these beauties from the Stay Warm series:

Supermodule - Stay Warm GeneStay Warm - Gene

"The Stay Warm series includes cards and prints that explore graphic interpretations of classic textile patterns like plaid and houndstooth." (more)

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hanna sandin

I can't stop looking at this mobile sculpture by artist and jeweler Hanna Sandin. (Hanna's website is under construction, but you can see more here.)

Hanna Sandin - Mobile Sculpture(via seesaw)

thomas feichtner

Sometimes less is more:
Thomas Feichtner - Drawing LampDrawing Lamp by Thomas Feichtner

"The appearance of the Drawing Lamp is defined by the cable, the steel tube and the LED illuminant. Like the classic bare light bulb hanging on a cord from the ceiling the Drawing Lamp is reduced to the bare essentials. Only the sophisticated deformation of the tube provides the lamp with the benefit of adjustability. The interplay of angles, radiuses and lines results in an object which is conclusive in terms of construction and form." (more)

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alexander guffler

I love these solid maple chairs from Alexander Guffler. Go here to see how beautifully they stack.

Alexander Guffler - Axel ChairAxel Chair by Alexander Guffler

(via contemporist)


I stumbled upon these stunning wooden blocks by Swiss manufacturer, Naef, on Fawn&Forest. They're great developmental puzzles for children, but we want them for ourselves!

Naef - Versi BlocksNaef - Versi BlocksVersi designed by Ben Nicholson (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"A cube, two geometrical patterns, six sides, endless possibilities. The diagonals are a fascinating aspect of this black and white mosaic, inspiring one to keep trying out new combinations and playfully acquaint oneself with this multi-faceted and unconventionally diagonal world." (details)

Naef - Ornabo BlocksNaef - Ornabo BlocksOrnabo designed by Hubert Zimmermann (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"It’s hard to believe that the world is made up of just circles, segments, squares, triangles and rectangles. Ornabo demonstrates playfully how castles, train engines, flowers and other figures, even letters of the alphabet, can be made with 25 maple wood cubes, printed with these geometric shapes. And what else does our wonderful world have to offer?" (details)

Naef - QuadrigoNaef - QuadrigoQuadrigo designed by Jean-Phillipe Rossinelli (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"Made of four identical, individual elements – absurd? Certainly not! The basic elements of Quadrigo, when fitted together and interlocked, create modern buildings with a sculptured appearance. It is fascinating to see what other people can build from the same elements. Could this be 22nd century architecture?" (details)

shop announcement

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We were just interviewed by Pinterest co-founder Ben Silberman! If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you're missing out. It's a wonderfully addicting new bookmarking site that's sort of a cross between tumblr and ffffound! with automatically linked sources and pin boards that allow you to organize by category.

Pinterest - pawlingprint wear and carryIt's fantastic for saving products, interior design ideas, wedding inspiration, tutorials, recipes, places you want to visit, books you want to read, artists you admire, or anything else you can think of, and it's equally great for discovering new things.

Pinterest - pawlingprint kitchenYou can follow people or boards that you like and search popular boards by category. Your boards can even have multiple contributors now. New features are continuously being added and suggestions are very welcome. They are really listening!! Check out some of our boards and read our Pinterview!