tokujin yoshioka

The Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka is part of an exhibition called Sensing Nature at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. Made of feathers. So simple and beautiful.

Tokujin Yoshioka - The SnowThe Snow

"In recent years, I have been studying the essence that human beings would sense. It is neither arranging nor minimizing the forms, but integrating the phenomena and the flow of nature into the design, and see how it would affect and inspire ourselves."

"The theme of the exhibition is to rethink the Japanese perception of nature, which is to question how the unconscious power to sense the nature and the value of nature in Japan would affect contemporary art and design." (more)

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aldo bakker

To celebrate a sad broken glass incident earlier today involving lots of olive oil, we thought it would be appropriate to post some more awesome oil (and vinegar!) related ceramics. These beauties are from Dutch designer Aldo Bakker:

Aldo Bakker - Vinegar flask Oil Platterleft: Vinegar flask, 2008, right: Oil platter, 2007

material: porcelain, glazed inside; production: Frans Ottink; distribution: t.e.; photography: Erik en Petra Hesmerg

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culdesac for el poaig

If this isn't the coolest olive oil packaging ever, then I don't know what is:

culdesac for el poaig - olive oil ceramic packagingOlive oil ceramic packaging by CuldeSac for El Poaig

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naoto fukasawa

We love the entire Hiroshima collection designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Maruni. Here's a taste:

Naoto Fukasawa for Maruni - Hiroshima Chair and Arm Chairleft: Hiroshima Chair, right: Hiroshima Arm Chair

"Designing a wooden chair is not easy. I believe that it is not just about the shape of the chair; it’s something that is realized with a high degree of craftsmanship and a great deal of experience with respect to structural ingenuity, where the quality of the wood is assessed and the robustness of the structure is balanced with lightness in terms of its weight, while further ensuring that it is comfortable to sit on." (more)

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matteo bedding

We agree with Jenny, we want everything Matteo makes!

Matteo - black tick duvet coverBlack Tick Duvet Cover

Matteo - Fil Coupe Sham Pair Knot Throwleft: Fil Coupe Sham Pair, right: Knot Throw

Matteo - Homespun Sham Pair Fireside Throwleft: Homespun Sham Pair, right: Fireside Throw

Matteo - Matelasse Throw Fil Coupe Sham Pairleft: Fill Matelasse Throw, right: Fil Coupe Sham Pair

GARMENT DYING - We are one of very few bed linen companies that use this modern dyeing technology. With garment dyeing, we cut and sew the fabric first and then dye the finished products after they are already sewn.

There are a number of advantages to garment dyeing including a more vintage washed look, the ability to offer more colors because of lower dyeing minimums, and softer fabric hand-feel. However, there is the shade variation is +/- 10% from dye-lot to dye-lot. What does this mean? It means that bed linens dyed in one of our colors today will be a slightly different shade than bed linens dyed in the same color tomorrow. All of us at MATTEO sleep on our sheets and we notice that after a few home washing and once the linens are on our bed, we really cannot tell the difference between two pillowcases or shams from different lots or even two sheets from different lots.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the greatest appeal of garment-dyeing is that in fact each and every product is unique and different than anyone else’s. We are very proud of being the industry leader in garment-dyed bed linens and intend to use this exiting technology to better serve you for many years to come. (more)

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matteo apparel

We discovered Matteo through a post by Jenny at Aubrey Road. Originally a luxury bedding company, Matteo also makes beautiful, naturally dyed clothes from the finest natural fibers. We had so many shop favorites that we decided to split the post in two!

Matteo - Ada Thermal Hooded Sweatshirt Max Linen Shirtleft: Ada Thermal Hooded Sweatshirt, right: Max Linen Shirt

Matteo - Eva Linen Dress Clara Cotton Chemiseleft: Eva Linen Dress, right: Clara Cotton Chemise

PHILOSOPHY - In order to create a completely unique sleeping experience we make our sheets from the most luxuries fabrics on the market.We spin yarns from the finest natural fibers - Egyptian cotton, Peruvian alpaca, Baltic flax, & Nepalese cashmere and we weave with leading fabric mills from all around the world where the collective wisdom of centuries is combined with cutting-edge technology.

We have often been asked "can you run your machines faster?" The answer is that we probably could, but we proudly do not. Because we believe in quality over the quantity we chose to sew slower with more stitches per inch and we choose to hand inspect every single sheet we produce. This is our way of assuring that all of our sheets are of highest quality. (more)

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coat racks

Coat racks were never an item I imagined I would be lusting over until I came across these two:

Cascando & BureaudeBank - Coatracksleft: Lean-On Coat Stand by Peter van de Water for Cascando (via grijs),
right: Coat Stand by Hans van Veen & Floortje Donia for BureaudeBank (via Remodelista)

more toys

How cool are these stainless steel kitchen tools designed by Susan Verheijen and this elegant, lathed cherry top by Klaus Mader?

Susan Verheijen - Formmatic & Klaus Mader - Trumpo Topleft: Formmatic, 2004 (via grijs), right: Trumpo Top, 1991 (via Jane Wong)


"This project is a result of my fascination for systems and the logic. Starting point is a form/function research by drawing maps of forms of ordinary objects in a systematic way. Surprising new forms arise which make me fantasize about form-function and function-form. The scissors diagram inspired me to design new forms of scissors and kitchen tools: a ring to measure a one-person quantity of spaghetti, an opener and nutcracker."

little sapling toys

So many favorites from Little Sapling Toys (also on Etsy). Husband and wife team, Nick and Kimber Christensen, make all of their eco-friendly, organic wood toys in Boise, ID and plant a tree for every one sold!

Little Sapling Toys - T-Rex Teething Toy Organic Building Blocksleft: Little T-Rex Teething Toy, right: Organic Building Blocks

Little Sapling Toys - Organic Stacking Toy Bird Teething Toyleft: Organic Sapling Small Stacker Toy, right: Little Bird Teething Toy

samantha french

I don't remember the last time I felt this hot ... and we used to live in Singapore!  We included one of Samantha French's underwater paintings in this treasury a few weeks ago, but now seems like the perfect time to show more of her refreshing work.  I had seen her paintings on the Etsy homepage a few times, but they really caught my eye when Sam wrote about them over at Good Measure.

Samantha French - Pool SwimmersPool Swimmers Series

Samantha French - Underwater PaintingsUnderwater Series

Samantha French - Deep DiveDeep Dive, Underwater Series

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lena wolff

There's just something about this color combination that gets me every time (see here and here). I'm normally not a fan of pink anything, but when it's done right, it's so so good. This is one of Lena Wolff's archival postcards and is available in her family's Etsy shop, Klein Family Art.

Lena Wolff - Wolff Paper Quilt PrintWolff Paper Quilt Print

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Love these hand pulled screen print color studies by Esther Ramirez of Essimar:

Essimar - Eli PrintEli Print

Essimar - December Edition PrintDecember Edition Print

Update: Check out Art Hound's interview with Esther here.


I've been obsessed with Humanoid ever since seeing this sweater years ago. They have the most perfect basics.

Humanoid - Orly Top, Ultra Singletleft: orly top, right: ultra singlet

Humanoid - Saris Top, Wish Wrapleft: saris top, right: wish wrap


Can you tell that we're both suckers for a perfect pleat yet? Maybe you are too? Then you might like Ninu:

Ninu - Scratch bag in coffeeScratch bag in coffee / gray cement

Ninu - Scratch bag in coffeeBaby ninfea in black microfiber


Kose Milano - Note VasesNote - Mi, Diesis, Re, Do, Si by Rosaria Rattin for Kose, 2003

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yuko nishimura

It's hard not to be blown away by these stunning folded reliefs by Japanese paper artist Yuko Nishimura. Scroll down to the last image to see how big they are!

Yuko Nishimura - OrganicOrganic, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2006

Yuko Nishimura - StreamStream, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2006

Yuko Nishimura - SculptureSculpture, 17" x 13"

Yuko Nishimura - Ori GalleryOri Gallery, 2005

"Japanese people unconsciously experience the action of folding on a daily basis, and therefore encounter various folded forms. I think there must be a special meaning for Japanese people through this everyday practice, folding."

"Only by folding one piece of paper an expressive masterpiece can be created. This is the Japanese way of folding. In order to link the past with future generations regarding the form of folding, I do not limit myself to the category of origami but consider the pursuit of any possibility of folding paper." (more)

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roberto burle marx

We've been longtime admirers of Brazilian landscape architect and painter Roberto Burle Marx. These photos are from The New York Times article "A New Look at the Multitalented Man Who Made Tropical Landscaping an Art" and accompanying slideshow (Jan 20, 2009):

Roberto Burle Marx - New York TimesRoberto Burle Marx - New York TimesRoberto Burle Marx - New York Times
Update: Just found a really fantastic gallery of the geometric sidewalk mosaics on the Copacabana here.

erin murray

We discovered Erin Murray's work through Art Hound's post on The Modern (Industrial) Landscape. I love the graphic flatness in Erin's paintings as well as her attention to the weeds(!!) and of course, the color.

Erin Murray - Parking LotParking Lot, 2005, oil on canvas, 42” x 42”

Erin Murray - Animal HospitalU&O Animal Hospital, 2009, oil on MDF, 24” x 36”

(via Art Hound - Kate, thanks for the shout out today! Right back at you!)


Pawling - Aqua-ahhh Etsy TreasuryAqua-ahhh!

row 1: SquirrelsGoneWild, gleenashop, MABONAORIGAMI, Hindsvik
row 2: bridgemanstudios, yorktownroad, VonlenskaVintage, lamixx
row 3: gnomesandnature, 13bees, carolinableu, alyssaettinger
row 4: ledthread, SharonMontrose, ElegantRoseBoutique, kjoo

kirstie van noort

Beautiful porcelain color studies by Kirstie Van Noort:

Kirstie Van Noort - Coloured BowlsKirstie Van Noort - Coloured BowlsKirstie Van Noort - Coloured BowlsColoured bowls

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marcus buck

Marcus Buck - Restarchitektur Architectural Remains"Restarchitektur" (Architectural Remains) by Marcus Buck

(via design vagabond, told you it was our new favorite)

studio malou

I'm really loving this photoshoot from Studio Malou. It's from 2008, but it looks like all of the designs are still available. I love the setting and I love that the woman and her bags appear to be quarreling. Photographed by Michel Kalkman.

studio malou - 2008 collectionleft: Bag no. 0801, right: Bag no. 0617

studio malou - 2008 collectionleft: Bag no. 0617, right: Bag no. 0603

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Oh Billet, why do you tease us so? Why don't you have stores in the US, like Muji?

Billet - ko'da bag room shoesleft: canvas ko'da style bag, right: leather room shoes

Billet - cotton scarf safety pin setleft: cotton scarf, right: safety pin set

Billet - scissors linen yarn glass coverleft: yarn scissors, right: linen yarn and glass cover

Billet - hidden diamond number set ringleft: set of 10 numbered brass rings, right: lys ligne hidden twinkle diamond ring for le grenier

Billet - food storage takahashi kami mugleft: fudosutokka food storage, right: kami mug by hidetoshi takahashi


In a former life I worked at a small design-build firm with an in-house woodworking shop where I detailed lots of shop drawings for custom cabinetry. Maybe that's why I appreciate the thoughtfulness of Henrybuilt so much. The Seattle-based firm offers a fully customizable range of modular pieces made by skilled cabinetmakers for every room in the house. I'm particularly intrigued by the seamlessly integrated backsplash options that include fixed wooden shelves, movable stainless steel elements, and a knife block, cutting board, and colander that slide neatly onto the countertop drainboard. Oh, and they also make furniture.

Henrybuilt - BacksplashHenrybuilt - Drawer DetailHenrybuilt - Mobile Base UnitHenrybuilt - Wall Chair
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