One can never have too many white shirts for the summer, right? Check out these simple, unique, geometric beauties from Tsifka by Israeli designer Noa Bar On:

Tsifka - Triangles and Directional Shirtleft: Triangles Shirt, right: Directional Shirt

nice curves

Matt Cattell - Sun DialSun Dial at Jantar Mantar, photo by Matt Cattell (commissioned by Maharajah Jai Singh II, Jaipur, 1734)

Brandon Pass - National Gallery StairNational Gallery Stair, photo by Brandon Pass (I.M. Pei, Washington DC, 1978)


Kitka - Summer EssentialsWe're loving this Summer Essentials guide by Toronto-based lifestyle design shop Mjolk. Not only is the shop itself a work of art, but proprietors Juli and John have an equally lust-inducing blog Kitka Design Toronto. Here are few of our favorites from the shop:

Mjolk - Tea Pot + Oil and Vinegarleft: Warm Tea Pot and Mugs by Tonfisk, right: Nokka Oil and Vinegar Set by Anna Palomaa

Mjolk - Trio + Carafeleft: Trio by Camilla Kropp, right: I'm Boo Carafe by Norway Says


We discovered pookaqueen through her fantastic lines and patterns treasury on Etsy. The color and line work in her art prints are stunning:

Pookaqueen - Graphic Dik Dik and Water Deerleft: Graphic Japanese Water Deer, right: Graphic Dik Dik

sara paloma

We've been in love with Sara Paloma's work for years. Maybe one day we will finally own a piece:

Sara Paloma - White Matte Bottle CollectionWhite Matte Bottle Collection by Sara Paloma

agnes martin

Agnes MartinAgnes MartinAgnes MartinAgnes MartinWe greatly admire the work of Agnes Martin and are very excited about the new book Agnes Martin (Dia Foundation), edited by Lynne Cooke and Karen Kelly, published by Yale University Press. It's available now for pre-order and will be released on May 28, 2010!

"Gorgeously quiet in color and composition, Agnes Martin’s paintings have a distinctive grace that sets them apart from those of the Abstract Expressionists of her day and the Minimalist artists she inspired. This important new anthology brings together the most current scholarship on Martin’s paintings by twelve multidisciplinary essayists who consider various aspects of the artist’s four-decade career."

seesaw vintage

SeeSaw Vintageleft: Vintage Typographic Airline Scarf, right: Vintage Catherineholm Fondue Pot from SeeSaw Vintage

mabona origami

Mabonaorigami - 5 Fish Gold Leaf5 Fish Gold Leaf Kohaku and Tancho Pond by mabona origami

"These Koi where folded and design by Sipho Mabona.  Each was folded from one uncut square of archival quality aquarell paper (to ensure longevity) with 22.5 carat gold leaf appliqué (applied after folding). Some of the patterns of the fish emulate those of All Japan Show Grand Champions."

back in stock

Pawling - OnesiesWe've been busy printing! As promised, all of our onesies and lines totes have now been restocked.

rie elise larson

Rie Elise Larson - Boxes, ScarfLovely boxes and scarves by Rie Elise Larson via lushlee


Wasara - Paper Ware"Underlying the concept of WASARA is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values. Japan has a tradition of incomparable manufacturing backed by reliable skills and technique, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and with a spirit of hosipitality and attention to detail." (buy here)

tal bright

Beautiful photography from Tal Bright.  Get sucked into her flickr stream here and purchase prints here.

Tal Bright - Nothing Can Go Wrongnothing can go wrong

Tal Bright - The Possibilitiesthe possibilities

Tal Bright - They Woke Up And One Of Them Was Smilingthey woke up and one of them was smiling (buy here)

Tal Bright - Intellectual Stimuliintellectual stimuli

thank you!

huge thanks to Tina (and little Tilo too) at swissmiss for blogging about our onesies!  We will be printing more next week and adding them to the store as we go.  Please check back then to order or send us an email if you'd like to reserve a particular size/design.  Thanks again!!

(Our TOTE | lines will also be restocked next week.)

hugo & marie

Beautiful scarves and embroidery from Hugo & Marie via Where the Lovely Things Are:

Hugo & Marie - Dorian Grey ScarfDorian Grey Scarf by Anna Giertz for Hugo & Marie

Hugo & Marie - Nowhere EmbroideryNowhere Embroidery by Mario Hugo for Hugo & Marie (typographic panel hand-embroidered with silk and cotton threads on ivory hemp/silk fabric)

enzo mari

Enzo Mari - 16 AnimaliEnzo Mari - 16 Animali16 Animali by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano, 1957
Enzo Mari - 16 PesciEnzo Mari - 16 Pesci16 Pesci by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano, 1973

valeria nascimento

Absolutely stunning ceramic sculpture by Valeria Nascimento via Handmade Charlotte:

Valeria Nascimento - Cones Installation DetailCones Installation Detail

Valeria Nascimento - SpiralSpiral

Valeria Nascimento - BlossomingBlossoming

Valeria Nascimento - CircleCircle

joost colpaert

Joost Colpaert - LandscapesPainted landscapes by Joost Colpaert via jokemijn


Lauren Jones makes some seriously desirable clothing. Check out these pieces from her label mydearthing:

mydearthing - Row DressRow Dress

mydearthing - Graphic Husband TankGraphic Husband Tank

mydearthing - The Tuck KnitThe Tuck Knit

tsubota pearl

tsubota pearl - stick lighterLoving these Stick Lighters by Tsubota Pearl (design details in Japanesevia Oh Joy!

adam wiseman

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Adam Wiseman is a freelance photographer based in Mexico City.

Adam Wiseman - Not Close Enough 14Photos > Not Close Enough > 14/15

Adam Wiseman - Distrito Federal 6Distrito Federal > 6/45

Adam Wiseman - Distrito Federal 13Distrito Federal > 13/45


Opelle - Baby Ballet BagAbsolutely beautiful Baby Ballet Bag in soft khaki lambskin leather by Opelle

scout books

Did we mention that we love our new Scout Books? Well we do! A big thanks to Nicole at Pinball Publishing for blogging about our newest product!

PAWLING | print studio - Geometric NotebooksIf our designs aren't your cup of tea, why not make your own!? All Scout Books are printed in Portland, OR with eco-friendly soy based inks on a chipboard cover and come with three interior options (blank, lines, or grid). We had a fantastic experience with owners Laura and Austin and couldn't recommend them enough. Visit the Scout Book blog for inspiration and check out the Scout Book flickr stream to see some in action!

pipe dreams 2010

PipeDreams2010 - United States Magnetic Geography PuzzleUnited States Magnetic Geography Puzzle by PipeDreams2010

reusable produce bags

The neighborhood farmers market re-opened this weekend and we are searching for some reusable produce bags to go with our grocery totes. These all look like great options:

Flip & Tumble - Produce BagsProduce Bag Set by Flip & Tumble

Kootsac - Natural Silk Food BagsNatural Silk Reusable Food Bags by Kootsac

ACME Bags - Organic Cotton Muslin BagsOrganic Cotton Muslin Bags by ACME Bags