vintage favorites

It's finally starting to feel like spring again! These are some of our current vintage favorites:

plyvintageleft: dusk dress, right: paper lace dress from ply vintage

nemresleft: Polka Dot Silk Blouse, right: Polka Dot Mini Skirt from nemres

throbackvintageleft: Tiramisu V Collar Dress, right: Pecan Pie Accordion Dress from throbackvintage

dream desks

We're not really in the market for a new desk, but it's okay to dream, right?

Bassam Fellows - Leather DeskLeather Desk by Bassam Fellows (via Aubrey Road)

Hansen Family - Desk #2Desk #2 by The Hansen Family (via swissmiss)

Akka - Ola Folding TableOla Folding Table by Akka (via Minimalissimo)

urban revisions

We are in love with our new scarves from Arlie at Urban Revisions. If you can believe it, the scarves are even more beautiful in real life! Arlie also has a beautiful blog!

Urban Revisions - Shredded Circle ScarfShredded Circle Scarf Plum

Urban Revisions - Shredded Circle ScarfShredded Circle Scarf with Hood Lilac

national park posters

Most people are familiar with the WPA park posters and if you frequent any of our national parks you are probably also familiar with Ranger Doug.  In addition to reproducing the original posters, Doug Leen has also expanded on the series to include new parks.  We own a few already but are always tempted to add to our collection.  A portion of all sales go directly back to the parks!

Ranger Doug - National Park Posters


We recently purchased Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler based on the recommendation of Sam over at Good Measure and picked up McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container based on its fabulous Amazon reviews. The two books compliment each other very well and are great for anyone trying to grow vegetables in containers. Today we planted our first tomato seedlings! And since we're in the gardening mood, why not ogle some beautiful ceramic planters? Here are some of our favorites from Supermarket:

Pigeon Toe Ceramics - Small Tripod and Test Tubeleft: Small Tripod Pot, right: Hanging Test Tube Vase by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Mud Puppy - Hanging Air Plant PodHanging air plant pod by Mudpuppy

Paige Russell - Hens n ChicksSpout Collective: Hens and Chicks by Paige Russell

Perch - Plant Pod and Plantorbleft: Plant Pod, right: Plantorb by Perch!

a raffle for liam

Please consider participating in this raffle for Liam! Lynn Russell, the designer and printer behind Satsuma Press, is raising money for her son, Liam, who turns 6 today! He has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and his family needs to make an accessible bathroom for him this summer. There are great prizes from over 50 artists and it's for a great cause! Tickets are priced at $15 for one // $25 for two // $50 for five. The raffle runs through May 9. Click on the poster below to participate!

Liam - Raffle


Celebrate Earth Day with us! All of our recycled cotton grocery totes are only $15 (reg $20) through Sat 4/24! Our totes are perfect for the farmers market and make great gifts for Mother's Day! They are on sale right here, at Etsy , and on Supermarket!

earth, tx

On a related note, have you been to Earth, TX? Why not visit right now with google maps? (A favorite link from one of my favorite people!)

Earth,TXEarth,TXWatch this space for an exciting Earth Day sale on Thursday!!

andreas gursky

I found a magical hidden post on my google reader from Aubrey Road with this aerial photograph from Andreas Gursky of a Formula 1 racetrack in Bahrain. Since the link/post disappeared, I'm adding it here for your enjoyment!

Andreas Gursky - Bahrain IBahrain I by Andreas Gursky

simon c page

To say that Simon C. Page was all over the internet last year would be an understatement.  Here are some new works that we can't get enough of:

Simon C Page - Beach, Vintage Geometryleft: Beach, right: Vintage Geometry

Simon C Page - Beyond3, Futurismleft: Beyond IYA #3, right: Futurism

salt and pepper (shakers)

These are some of my favorites shakers. If I didn't demand freshly ground pepper, I would nab one of these in a heartbeat:

ArtMind - Babuschka Style ShakersArtMind handmade Babuschka Style Shakers

VisuaLingual - Victorian Folk ShakersVisuaLingual handmade Victorian Folk Shakers

Vintage Stainless Steel ShakersVintage Stainless Steel Shakers from Hindsvik

RouDesigns - Egg ShakersRouDesigns handmade Egg Shakers

MichikoShimada - Vita ShakersMichiko Shimada's handmade Vita Shakers

Vintage Wood ShakersVintage Wood Shakers from sevenpoppies

Vintage B&G Henning Koppel ShakersVintage B&G Henning Koppel Shakers from Little Red Mercantile

salt and pepper (grinders)

I've been searching for the perfect salt and pepper mills for years. If money grew on trees, I would buy one of these:

Teal and Gold - Pepper MillTeal and Gold handmade Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker Set

Studio44eighty - Teak Pepper MillStudio44eighty handmade Teak Pepper Mill

Iittala Collective Tools - Three Piece Mill SetIittala Collective Tools Three Piece Mill Set (for black pepper, white pepper!!!, and salt)

Fresco Flip N Grind + Rosendahl Rasp Setleft: Vic Firth by Fresco Flip 'N' Grind Salt and Pepper Mill, right: Rosendahl's Rasp Set with Holder

a peace treaty

Neither one of us wears much jewelry, but boy do we love scarves. These beauties are from A Peace Treaty:

A Peace TreatyA Peace Treaty

john pawling, photojournalist

These are some of our favorite photos taken by our grandpa while he was a news photographer in LA:

John PawlingJohn Pawling

miller goodman

We can't get enough of Miller Goodman PlayShapes. Buy them here and admire other configurations here!

Miller Goodman - PlayShapes(via happy cavalier and SVENDesign)


It's 90 degrees out. We could really go for some lemonade right now.

Lemonadeleft: pyrex atomic pitcher from solstice home, right: dansk measuring set from butterbeans

james deavin

I bookmarked this print last year and keep coming back to it. I think that means I should buy it.

James Deavin - VelodromeVelodrome by James Deavin on 20X200. Check out the rest of the series The Games We Play on Deavin's website.

sandal weather

It's officially sandal weather here in the northeast. Why not celebrate with some handmade sandals? Here are some of our favorites:

Tuccia Di CapriTuccia Di Capri sandals are custom made in Miami Beach, FL. They have over 40 different styles to chose from! (Link is to product page — beware the homepage plays music!)

TutoTuto sandals are made in Miami as well. There are fewer options than at Tuccia, but they're more affordable.

MohopAnnie Mohaupt and Siamak Mostoufi of Chicago based Mohop make sandals with a wooden footbed and ribbon that can be tied in infite ways. They're like a super stylish version of the classic Dr. Scholl's.

farmers market

Jessica of Silhouette Jess put together the perfect weekend farmers market outfit with our lines tote:
silhouettejess at the farmers market


PAWLING @ Supermarket!We were recently invited to sell at Supermarket! Check out our shop and let us know what you think. If you don't know what Supermarket is, you're missing out! It's a curated online marketplace for independent designers. It's easy to navigate and to find great design. To get started, check out some of our favorites or browse by designer - as Angie Davis of Byrd & Belle said, "It's like speed-dating with mini-portfolios."


We recently stumbled upon Mariana and Paula's Etsy shop - macraMe. How genius are these product shots!?