tea towels

They're here! After talking about our tea towels for the past few months, they're finally in the shop and we're quite pleased with the outcome. They are made of 100% linen and come in white, natural, and grey-blue. Pictured above are the three geometric patterns. Throughout this week we will be listing more color and pattern combinations including our three vegetable designs.

the poppies

Pawling has been nominated for The Poppies! We're so honored to be in the "Favorite Handmade Textiles" category! Although we're not sure if we deserve to be in such good company quite yet, we'd love your vote! Voting ends January 29th.


We just received a pretty awesome pack of samples from Pinball Publishing yesterday. We're working on some blank journals and rethinking our flat cards. Exciting things to come!

john pawling, photographer

We are often asked what "Pawling" is. John Pawling Snyder was our grandfather and a great inspiration for us. These are some images of him as a news photographer in LA and a specialist photographer for the Navy during WWII. Though he did not make a career out of photography, he was very talented and shared his passion for the art with us.

tea towels in production

Mastering the hemmer foot is taking some practice, but we couldn't be happier with the results. Stay tuned for a preview of our linen tea towels...they're coming soon, we promise!

We are also anxiously awaiting our samples from Pinball Publishing! New paper goods are in the works.


Another feature on one of our most favorite (top five!) blogs! Today's daily paper fix on of paper and things is none other than PAWLING | print studio! Thanks Monica! We also discovered that our 2010 calendar was on Westervin's Auld Lang Syne Shopping Sherpa post on 12/21/2009. And we realized that we missed our very first (as far as we know) shout out on Field & Sea's tumblr on 11/29/2009. We didn't think anyone even knew who we were then!

interview + more thanks!

It's time for another round of thank yous!!! In case you missed it, we had our first artist interview last week on Khristian A Howell's blog Parapluies et Soleil. Check it out and be sure to look around the rest of Khristian's site too!

Caroline over at oh chalet! made a beautiful selection of pretty little things on 01/05/2010, featuring our squares tote. Her blog is simply beautiful. All of her selections (and her paintings) employ a perfectly subtle use of color.

We also discovered the fantastic blog Art Hound via this post on Poppytalk, promptly added it to our google reader, started scrolling, and gasped when we realised we were in the calendar post on 12/30/2009 ... right next to the most awesome calendar ever! Thanks Kate!

And somehow we missed the nicest post ever on our work! Marie Bee included us in her 12 days of christmas gift ideas series on 12/18/2009. You can find her portfolio over at coroflot.

some favorites

We finally managed to get our hands on a treasury today! Check it out and tell us what you think. (link expires Thurs, Jan 7 @ 4.31am)

new in the new year

Happy New Year! We have big plans for our linen line this year. Geometric tea towels and throw pillows are on the way and should be in the shop by the end of the month.

You may have noticed that we introduced some price changes. Now that we have a better idea of our actual costs, we have increased the price of some items and decreased the price of others. We are still tweaking our shipping rates, but almost all of them have decreased since we purchased new boxes from Uline.

We are also phasing out the smaller sizes in the onesies, which will allow us to maintain our inventory better. As a result, we will start offering all of our onesies as single items in the next few weeks. If you'd like one that hasn't been listed yet, just convo or email us.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support. We are very excited about the new year!