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We've been so busy preparing for the holidays that we've gotten behind with our updates. Last month we were invited to be in a fashion editorial for Washington Life Magazine's annual creative issue. We were nervous and excited having never done something like this before, but everyone was great and we had a blast. A huge thanks to Alison McLaughlin for the invitation. Here's the final shot from Artists Abound at Arena, November 2010, p.59!

Washington Life Magazine, November 2010, Artists Abound at ArenaThe photo shoot was at Arena Stage before the official grand re-opening. We got to poke around in the dressing rooms and lobby before it was open to the public and we met Molly Smith, the Artistic Director for Arena at our actual shoot. That mask in the picture is just one from her awesome collection and you can't tell from the photo, but she also has some seriously sassy glasses. Douglas Sonders was the photographer and has to have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Check out his blog to follow all of his exploits. There were a few errors in our credits above, so bonus points to anyone who can guess what they are! (Hint: they're now updated in the online version.)

Update: Check out our interview with Washington Life on their blog here!

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