leah evans

I love everything about these quilted wall hangings by textile artist Leah Evans:

Leah Evans - Arpent BendArpent Bend, 38" x 38"

Leah Evans - Pivotal IrrigationPivotal Irrigation, 34" x 43"

Leah Evans - Alluvial FieldsAlluvial Fields, 24" x 27"

"My current work combines aerial photography, maps, and satellite imagery. I also find myself drawn to the more minute systems of the microbial world. I enjoy the play in scale between magnified microbial life forms and remote sensing images of huge tracts of land. Both scales deal with the translation of scientific information into a visual form. At times, these separate bodies of work merge. The overlap is seen in vessel-like arteries of water, tundra pools that look cellular, and microbes that swim through topographic lines."

(via Crafterall)


ilovesleep said...

love the idea! beautiful colors and craftsmanship.

Jade Ellen said...


Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design said...

Very interesting work, I like it a lot.

kristin said...

wow. beautiful work!!

Pawling Print Studio said...

glad you like them too!

Cinzia Bacilieri said...

Never thought that air photographs could be so inspiring!!!! I like it a lot. Well done!!!!!!

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