leah evans

I love everything about these quilted wall hangings by textile artist Leah Evans:

Leah Evans - Arpent BendArpent Bend, 38" x 38"

Leah Evans - Pivotal IrrigationPivotal Irrigation, 34" x 43"

Leah Evans - Alluvial FieldsAlluvial Fields, 24" x 27"

"My current work combines aerial photography, maps, and satellite imagery. I also find myself drawn to the more minute systems of the microbial world. I enjoy the play in scale between magnified microbial life forms and remote sensing images of huge tracts of land. Both scales deal with the translation of scientific information into a visual form. At times, these separate bodies of work merge. The overlap is seen in vessel-like arteries of water, tundra pools that look cellular, and microbes that swim through topographic lines."

(via Crafterall)


ilovesleep said...

love the idea! beautiful colors and craftsmanship.

Resurgent_amen said...


Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design said...

Very interesting work, I like it a lot.

kristin said...

wow. beautiful work!!

Pawling Print Studio said...

glad you like them too!

Cinzia Bacilieri said...

Never thought that air photographs could be so inspiring!!!! I like it a lot. Well done!!!!!!

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