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and more cards! Our new and improved animal and vegetable cards have been added to the shop. They're larger (A6 instead of 4x6), folded (instead of flat) greeting cards, and made of the same heavy duty recycled paper as our geometric cards. They're available as mixed 6-packs as well as individual cards. Now you can get a coordinating card for all of our items!

PAWLING | print studio - Long Necked Animal Cards6 CARDS | long necked animals (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Dinosaur Cards6 CARDS | dinosaurs (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Long Nosed Animal Cards6 CARDS | long nosed animals (single card)

PAWLING | print studio - Vegetable Cards6 CARDS | vegetables (single card)


Mallory said...

I love the long nosed animal set! So good.

Pawling Print Studio said...

Thanks Mallory =)

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