isaac cordal

Fantastic street art installations by Isaac Cordal:

Isaac Cordal - cement eclipsesIsaac Cordal - cement eclipsesIsaac Cordal - cement eclipsesIsaac Cordal - cement eclipsesCement eclipses by Isaac Cordal

"Cement eclipses is a research project of urban space that runs between the fields of sculpture and photography. The sculpture is used as a starting point and photography as a witness to the execution of installations for later viewing or exhibition. The small pieces (25 cm. Approx) are made in cement, of which copies are reproduced using silicone molds. These are small figures representing a kind of metamorphosis in which the man leaves his roles as citizens camouflaging themselves with the city and slowly becomes part of furniture. In this way confirms the voluntary isolation of human being with regard to nature, hidden among the sidewalks, streets, walls, etc., becoming the urban environment in their natural habitat." (more)

(via unurth)

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