I stumbled upon these stunning wooden blocks by Swiss manufacturer, Naef, on Fawn&Forest. They're great developmental puzzles for children, but we want them for ourselves!

Naef - Versi BlocksNaef - Versi BlocksVersi designed by Ben Nicholson (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"A cube, two geometrical patterns, six sides, endless possibilities. The diagonals are a fascinating aspect of this black and white mosaic, inspiring one to keep trying out new combinations and playfully acquaint oneself with this multi-faceted and unconventionally diagonal world." (details)

Naef - Ornabo BlocksNaef - Ornabo BlocksOrnabo designed by Hubert Zimmermann (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"It’s hard to believe that the world is made up of just circles, segments, squares, triangles and rectangles. Ornabo demonstrates playfully how castles, train engines, flowers and other figures, even letters of the alphabet, can be made with 25 maple wood cubes, printed with these geometric shapes. And what else does our wonderful world have to offer?" (details)

Naef - QuadrigoNaef - QuadrigoQuadrigo designed by Jean-Phillipe Rossinelli (buy from Fawn&Forest)

"Made of four identical, individual elements – absurd? Certainly not! The basic elements of Quadrigo, when fitted together and interlocked, create modern buildings with a sculptured appearance. It is fascinating to see what other people can build from the same elements. Could this be 22nd century architecture?" (details)

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