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We agree with Jenny, we want everything Matteo makes!

Matteo - black tick duvet coverBlack Tick Duvet Cover

Matteo - Fil Coupe Sham Pair Knot Throwleft: Fil Coupe Sham Pair, right: Knot Throw

Matteo - Homespun Sham Pair Fireside Throwleft: Homespun Sham Pair, right: Fireside Throw

Matteo - Matelasse Throw Fil Coupe Sham Pairleft: Fill Matelasse Throw, right: Fil Coupe Sham Pair

GARMENT DYING - We are one of very few bed linen companies that use this modern dyeing technology. With garment dyeing, we cut and sew the fabric first and then dye the finished products after they are already sewn.

There are a number of advantages to garment dyeing including a more vintage washed look, the ability to offer more colors because of lower dyeing minimums, and softer fabric hand-feel. However, there is the shade variation is +/- 10% from dye-lot to dye-lot. What does this mean? It means that bed linens dyed in one of our colors today will be a slightly different shade than bed linens dyed in the same color tomorrow. All of us at MATTEO sleep on our sheets and we notice that after a few home washing and once the linens are on our bed, we really cannot tell the difference between two pillowcases or shams from different lots or even two sheets from different lots.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the greatest appeal of garment-dyeing is that in fact each and every product is unique and different than anyone else’s. We are very proud of being the industry leader in garment-dyed bed linens and intend to use this exiting technology to better serve you for many years to come. (more)

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