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We discovered Matteo through a post by Jenny at Aubrey Road. Originally a luxury bedding company, Matteo also makes beautiful, naturally dyed clothes from the finest natural fibers. We had so many shop favorites that we decided to split the post in two!

Matteo - Ada Thermal Hooded Sweatshirt Max Linen Shirtleft: Ada Thermal Hooded Sweatshirt, right: Max Linen Shirt

Matteo - Eva Linen Dress Clara Cotton Chemiseleft: Eva Linen Dress, right: Clara Cotton Chemise

PHILOSOPHY - In order to create a completely unique sleeping experience we make our sheets from the most luxuries fabrics on the market.We spin yarns from the finest natural fibers - Egyptian cotton, Peruvian alpaca, Baltic flax, & Nepalese cashmere and we weave with leading fabric mills from all around the world where the collective wisdom of centuries is combined with cutting-edge technology.

We have often been asked "can you run your machines faster?" The answer is that we probably could, but we proudly do not. Because we believe in quality over the quantity we chose to sew slower with more stitches per inch and we choose to hand inspect every single sheet we produce. This is our way of assuring that all of our sheets are of highest quality. (more)

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