kelly packer

Kelly Packer is an artist and web designer living in Boise, Idaho.  I really love her 40 Saints collaboration with Adrian Kien from 2007-2008: "Our process for this project was that I would complete a drawing and Adrian would use that as his point of departure for his poem. Together they form small prayer cards to the various saints of our choosing."

Kelly Packer - twoheadedcowTwoheadedcow

Kelly Packer - Saint Billy on my BirthdaySaint Billy on my Birthday

the voice
your snowed mute muzzle in winter
period the expanse from the rock is white
30 years round the muscle and one hoof
is white in its period

the horns sound
the tunevalance
a path and its dimensions

that a tongue’s dallying colors
the muffler the snow meets
that a hand is awhile in the sun
from salt to lichen to fluke to back
to me
birthing aloud buh buh ill ill ee

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