Oh Billet, why do you tease us so? Why don't you have stores in the US, like Muji?

Billet - ko'da bag room shoesleft: canvas ko'da style bag, right: leather room shoes

Billet - cotton scarf safety pin setleft: cotton scarf, right: safety pin set

Billet - scissors linen yarn glass coverleft: yarn scissors, right: linen yarn and glass cover

Billet - hidden diamond number set ringleft: set of 10 numbered brass rings, right: lys ligne hidden twinkle diamond ring for le grenier

Billet - food storage takahashi kami mugleft: fudosutokka food storage, right: kami mug by hidetoshi takahashi


Bess Callard said...

oh my gosh! i love everything it that store, maybe if we learn japanese they'll ship to us??
great find :)

Pawling Print Studio said...

does google translate count!!? i would be so broke.

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