salt and pepper (shakers)

These are some of my favorites shakers. If I didn't demand freshly ground pepper, I would nab one of these in a heartbeat:

ArtMind - Babuschka Style ShakersArtMind handmade Babuschka Style Shakers

VisuaLingual - Victorian Folk ShakersVisuaLingual handmade Victorian Folk Shakers

Vintage Stainless Steel ShakersVintage Stainless Steel Shakers from Hindsvik

RouDesigns - Egg ShakersRouDesigns handmade Egg Shakers

MichikoShimada - Vita ShakersMichiko Shimada's handmade Vita Shakers

Vintage Wood ShakersVintage Wood Shakers from sevenpoppies

Vintage B&G Henning Koppel ShakersVintage B&G Henning Koppel Shakers from Little Red Mercantile


Anonymous said...

perhaps you like those from lola goldstein too ... a smile at the breakfast-table :)


PAWLING | print studio said...

oooh, thanks for the tip! they're great!!

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