It's been very exciting for us to see our products in shipping boxes and watching them make their way all over the country. While USPS has been very accommodating, we will be investing in our own mailing materials to help keep our shipping costs down. We can't wait for our postal scale!


Our animal onesies are now in the shop! We are currently offering long-nosed and long-necked animal 3-packs. They are made using Gerber tagless Onesies and are available in sizes 0-3 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo, 12 mo, and 18 mo.

A dinosaur 3-pack is in the works =)


Lets just say our photoshoot went through a lot of iterations. We thought it'd be fun to show you some zoomed-out shots of our final (obviously very professional) set-up. We hope you enjoy!


Product shot!

screenprinting fun

Just thought we'd share some pics of our awesome studio set up to go with our "dark room" post.

Our fancy 500W light chills out on a trusty 2x4 supported by a few clamps (their height carefully measured of course). The screen is resting on a pile of Architectural Digests and the transparencies are weighed down with a perfectly sized piece of glass that we found in an old picture frame. After a lot of failures with other set-ups (and other emulsions), this has actually worked out quite well for us.

We weren't sure how the text would work out, since our screens only have a 110 mesh, but we were pleasantly surprised with the results! We tested it on cotton muslin before moving onto the onesies.

The onesies were so much fun to print! The ones on the left are done and the ones on the right are still waiting to be heat set.

new totes

We've added new totes to our shop! In addition to the lines tote that was already in the shop, we added a squares tote and a circles tote. They are also available in a geometric 3-pack for a discounted rate.

A vegetable 3-pack is on the way in the shop!

look at our handy work

This is our lovely "dark room" contraption. A folding metal table covered with a myriad of blankets, beach towels and black felt. This all topped off, of course, with an alligator to prevent anything from shifting. Inside we have a fan set up for drying screens, which simply straddle a few overturned bins. Though this is the epitome of makeshift, I snuck inside and can say confidently there is no light seepage.

Yes, that is leopard print snuggie on the right.

animal flat cards

We are very excited about our new animal flat cards:

Presenting our favorite long-necked animals, the giraffe, camel, and alpaca.

And the long-nosed trio featuring the elephant, tapir, and anteater.

2010 Calendar

Our 2010 Calendar is finally in the shop! Each month features a different hand drawn geometric illustration and is printed on 4" x 6", acid free card stock.

our first front page!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 3:00am

work in progress

The calendar sketches are almost ready for printing. We can't wait to get them into the shop!


The linen is here! It's preshrinking time!

christmas flat cards

Our Christmas flat cards w/envelopes are now in the shop!

new items listed

The totes (artichoke / lines) and aprons (adult / kids) are now up in the shop. We also updated our flat card listings. They are now available in sets of 12 cards (veggies / lines) or 6 cards + 6 envelopes (veggies / lines).

Coming very soon: Holiday cards and our 2010 calendar.