thank you!

We've been busy this last week restocking our inventory, filling some custom orders, and finally printing the dinosaur onesies that we keep talking about. (They'll be up in the shop as soon as we photograph them properly.)

While we were printing, something amazing happened. Last Monday (12/7) we were featured on the font page of Etsy again (!!!) and it seems that some of our favorite bloggers noticed!

Simple + Pretty featured our flat cards and gift tags on Tuesday 12/8, Scoutie Girl and a new-to-us blog We've Got Paper both featured us on Thursday 12/10, and Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper included us in her latest 2010 Calendar Round-Up today!

We are so excited and humbled. We had hoped that something like this would happen "one day" but we never thought it would be so soon! Both of us just finished school in the spring (BA in graphic design and MArch in architecture) and are used to fending off criticism on a daily basis. It is still very strange (and nice!) for us to receive compliments on our work, much less be featured on anyone's blog. We were definitely afraid to embark on this little project of ours, but features like these as well as feedback from some awesome customers (tapirfrog!!) make us so happy that we did. We cannot believe how supportive everyone is and we just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!

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