screenprinting fun

Just thought we'd share some pics of our awesome studio set up to go with our "dark room" post.

Our fancy 500W light chills out on a trusty 2x4 supported by a few clamps (their height carefully measured of course). The screen is resting on a pile of Architectural Digests and the transparencies are weighed down with a perfectly sized piece of glass that we found in an old picture frame. After a lot of failures with other set-ups (and other emulsions), this has actually worked out quite well for us.

We weren't sure how the text would work out, since our screens only have a 110 mesh, but we were pleasantly surprised with the results! We tested it on cotton muslin before moving onto the onesies.

The onesies were so much fun to print! The ones on the left are done and the ones on the right are still waiting to be heat set.

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